Factoring Maintenance Into Your Kitchen Planning

Whether you are working in food service or are part of a restaurant group, creating the most functional kitchen possible will often be a function of the type of equipment that you purchase.  Of course, how you modify this equipment to match the needs of your maintenance team is also going to make a difference in how efficient your kitchen ends up being:

As one of the most popular ways to modify kitchen equipment is to set it up to be mobile so that you can clear an area quickly when you need it to be cleaned, here are some different mobility options that can help save you time and money:

Add Casters: When it comes to mobility, food service casters are one of the mainstays of the restaurant industry. It is important to find a good vendor because your workers will be moving equipment that weighs quite a bit on top of whatever casters that you have chosen. Companies like accesscasters.com not only carry a wide variety of standardized casters, they also have several different types of material like polyurethane that can extend or specialize the use of the equipment you have purchased.

Add Extensions: Moving dishwashers and other appliances by putting them on wheels makes cleanup fast. If the appliances do not have a lot of space to move around in, you can additionally consider adding legs that can be easily extended, allowing you to raise the appliance so that you can mop or clean underneath it. If you have space, but would like this type of option, you can always look at adding extendable casters that give you the best of both worlds. Adjustble height casters also give you the ability to match your staff’s comfort zone when it comes to raising tables and other work areas to a level that they can use.

Consider Built-in Space: One restaurant chain has started planning built-in space for each piece of equipment, the idea being that they will be able to put all the equipment away quickly and then clean the combined space quickly and efficently. This option is said to save time and money once it is implemented because each major work area can be cleared quickly.

As time goes on, if your company is located in a metro area that has embraced a new, higher minimum wage, you will likely be looking for ways to increase efficiency. Ensuring that all your equipment can be moved efficiently so that your cleaning crews can clean well is one way that you can start saving money that will allow your to protect your profit margins.