The kitchen is the place where people spend large parts of their time at home

this room is the place where to have meals, where to celebrate events together with family and friends or where to have a coffee alone in relax. For this reason is very important to choose the kitchen design more appropriate to the individual tastes in order to fully enjoy the time spent in it.

First of all it is important to choose the furniture on the basis of the space that is available. In fact for great or open spaces it is possible to choose several elements of furniture, placing them in a harmonious way, and using elements such as for example peninsulas for creating divisions, giving life to many small environments all in the same room. Instead in small kitchens the arrangement of furniture is obliged to a linear shape to be placed along only one wall, and in some cases with the presence of retractable tables, to open only when necessary.

Another choice to make is related to the kitchen design style: classical or modern one? Clearly these are two styles with very different characteristics. In classical kitchen design the furnitures are made of wood, are highly decorated and confer to the room an appearance more traditional and in some ways a bit “heavy”. While in modern kitchen design the furnitures are made of steel or glass, there is any presence of decorations, and everything is in the name of simplicity and essentiality. All surfaces are smooth and therefore easily cleanable. Then there are some designers who, thanks to their imagination, have designed some futurist furniture in various manners: some furniture are characterized by soft and wiggly lines; while others have a very cold appearance because of their rigid and schematic lines.

To always keep everything in order, without ruining kitchen design, it is possible to choose to mount some shelves hidden inside the furniture, or outside of them on the walls where to put the tools needed for cooking.

To complete even more kitchen design there are electrical appliances: oven, refrigerator, microwave, mixer are fundamental to both functional and aesthetic level. There are also the classic cooking utensils such as wooden spoons, cutting boards and knives which generally are placed on external shelves.

Lastly the light plays a fundamental role in kitchen design: using some soft led lights, they allow to have dinner in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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