Perfect for storing furniture while you decorate/renovate

Have you thought about storing the objects while you are decorating your nest, if you haven’t, then we are there to help you out, this is an excellent concept, where you not only decorate while you store too? This gives your home an excellent look while you are decorating it, you do not need to anything extra and here we are there to help you out with all kinds of business with a perfect solution with M60.

About M60 Self Storage

  • We are established in Manchester in 2011 and started the company with two people. We pride ourselves in providing the full solution to the people of various industries of e-commerce and letting them know where they stand for in terms of stocks.
  • We do not believe in providing the readymade, made solution rather we do provide tailor-made solutions to our clients. The solution with the name of the M60 Self Storage provides the people the solution that they are looking forward.
  • The M60 store specializes their services in storing their goods at a place where there is safety, security and everything is in place, if you are looking forward to such a place, where you just need to pay for the space and nothing else then we are there to guide you for even packing the goods at your place.
  • Do pack them properly with no threads left unbind while working upon. The M60 self-storage will help you at every step to take your business to the level you wanted. The company has the presence in many countries and have their units at the ground level so that you do not have any kind of issues while stocking and taking them out from the units. And once you require them to ship your units have the proper place to leave on time and carry inwards and outwards simultaneously too.

The owners or the people at the workplace face lots of issues while storing the furniture and the values we at M60 Self Storage, helps you in storing them at a proper place, but we do have some constraints like we avoid wet storage, if you have any wet element that can leak then do take it out as we do not guarantee the objects that are stored with us. We only provide the security and space and keep them safe in our custody, unless you come and pick them up.

The storage is safe to use and is guided by the security guards, for 7 days and you are allowed to pick your material at any point of time. Do remember that we only provide the material either to the nominee or the authorized person only as we have strict security rules to follow. So, once you decide to keep your stock into your M60 Self Storage, you do not need to worry about anything as we will take care the same for you. So, get along and start piling your goods in your own storage with M60 and relax as we are there to wake up on your behalf.

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