Options for Your Bathroom Window

A bathroom is supposed to be a room where you can feel comfortable and surround yourself in luxury. But you also can’t compromise on functionality and one overlooked area in this is the window. We feel like we have very few options to cover our bathroom windows when, in actual fact, there are lots of options out there.

Best Bathroom Window Treatments

The best window treatments NYC has to offer come in lots of different materials to match your personal design. The materials have to be water resistant, of course, but there are plenty of options out there. A few popular materials include:

  • Faux wood
  • Polyethylene vinyl acetate
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate

These are really durable and strong, yet surprisingly affordable. Faux wood looks particularly good, because it will give the illusion of a natural material in your bedroom. Real wood isn’t suitable, however, as it will expand and crack when subjected to moisture. An added benefit of the above materials is that they are really easy to clean.

Changing Your Window

You can also decide to complete change the window in your bathroom itself. You can use frosted glass to have all the privacy you need, while still allowing natural light to come in. If you really want to create something beautiful, you could install a bay window, an awning, jalousie windows, or casement windows for instance. If you want a bit more privacy than glass can offer you, you could add a fancy grille, some Japanese woven bamboo, or opt for artistic glazed work instead.

Another really cool option you have is to large miniature clerestory windows inside your bathroom itself. These are glass blocks that are particularly useful in really large bathrooms, as they give you the opportunity to section the room off while playing with the light.

Curtains or no Curtains?

Few people decide to install curtains in their bathrooms. Fabrics are usually not very suitable to keep in high moisture environments, after all. However, there are plenty of fabrics that are fully water resistant nowadays. If you have a really large, rectangular bathroom, for instance, you could opt to have a freestanding bath somewhere in the middle, perhaps on a platform, and to have one wall made completely out of windows with sumptuous curtains and drapes hanging from them. It really is the ultimate in luxuriousness. True, this is also the more expensive option, but it is certainly one to consider.

Where to Find Window Treatments

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for everybody to become an interior designer. You no longer have to have an eye for things, you can simply refer to sites such as Houzz, Home & Garden, or Pinterest to be inspired by the ideas of other people who have a natural flair for design. There are some fantastic ideas for bathroom windows available on such sites. Best of all, once you have chosen your design, you will be able to actually find the blinds or curtains you need online as well.

How an Interior Decorator Decides Which Window Treatments Are Best for You

Covering your windows properly is not as easy as simply getting the first set of curtains you come across and leaving it at that. Interior designers recommend that you have to think about a room’s proportional balances. If there is a single element in the design that is sized wrong, everything will star to fall apart. Interior designers work according to a number of basic principles, including:

  1. Harmony
  2. Rhythm
  3. Scale
  4. Proportion
  5. Line
  6. Balance

You need to carefully plan what type of window covering you opt for, therefore, keeping the above six principles in mind at all times.

Texture, Pattern, Color

If you want to make sure that your room’s elements, theme, and window coverings all match, then you have to think about the color, pattern, and texture. You need to decide whether you want your window to stand out, or whether you want it to blend into the background. By choosing the right type of fabric, material, and style of blinds, you can make your window look bigger or smaller, particularly by focusing on the intensity of the hues. The texture of the coverings adds an element of complexity. You can choose between smooth, glossy, matte, or coarse weaves or designs, each of which adds something else to the room.

What about Color?

If you decide to blend your window treatment in, it will create a certain calm and relaxing ambiance. To achieve this, you should choose blinds that match the wall’s colors as much as possible, going no more than a shade darker. You can also choose a slightly warmer or slightly cooler color, depending on what you want to achieve. If you have neutral colors and you choose a cool tone, then a small room will immediately appear bigger, for instance.

How to Choose the Patterns

Patters are dangerous things. While they are a perfect way to add a dramatic effect to your room, it is all too easy to get it wrong, Patterns, by their definition, are made up of several colors. Getting just one of those colors wrong will ruin the entire effect. As a rule of thumb:

  • A warm colored, large scale pattern makes the pattern move towards you, which is lively and stimulating. This is perfect for large rooms, creating an illusion of coziness. Large scale patters are not suitable in small spaces, as it will overpower.
  • A small pattern looks bland in a huge room, but it is perfect for a small area that needs to look inviting. If you insist on a small pattern but your room is large, then you need to make sure that the colors are really vibrant.

With the above hints and tips, provided to you by some top interior designers, you should be able to choose a blind or other type of window covering that makes your room look as if it was professionally decorated. Don’t be afraid to ask your blinds manufacturer some questions as well, as they have a good eye for what works and doesn’t work.