Style and Sustainability Go Hand In Hand

Affordable Options

Like a sine-wave beginning to pick up in speed, we are steadily seeing substantial technological changes that come with greater and greater frequency. As society wobbles on its axis, sometimes drooping into a valley, technology reveals itself as more efficient than ever, silhouetting a peak stylistic and desirable.

Currently, one of the most affordable and efficient technological developments comes in the form of Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs. LED lighting is more efficient than traditional filament bulbs, and more dependable. LED lights last on average about fifty times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

Granted, LED tech is slightly more expensive at the outset, but in addition to lasting longer, these bulbs also consume less energy to produce the same result. So they last longer, require less energy, and to top it off produce light that isn’t as “hot” as that which comes from a traditional filament bulb.

With traditional lighting options, much of the energy is expended in the form of heat, which quickly heats up the exterior of a bulb and can burn you or set a lampshade on fire. LED tech is much more efficient than that, and more likely to sustainably serve your interests without increasing the heat quotient in a room.

This has the added advantage of environmental friendliness. When all these things are taken together, you end up saving in the long run. You don’t spend as much money on energy for the same apparent amount of “brightness”. You don’t spend as much on replacement bulbs, and you won’t have to worry about things getting accidentally burned.


Interesting Applications

According to ATG Electronics, LED interior lights provide “…unmatched long-lasting performance…”, and the facts bear that statement out. Additionally, you are able to use LEDs in a capacity that would not be possible with conventional lighting options. You can drape a cloth or paper cowling over/around an LED to diffuse lighting intensity and spread a certain aura of color through a room.

Stylistic chic of an unmatched variety is possible with LED options. Beyond saving you money, and having a lower impact on the environment due to factors like decreased energy requirements for essentially the same output, going the LED route has a stylistic quality to it that has become increasingly trendy.

Additionally, there are quite a variety of colors in LED schemes, and they have greater customizability than most options. The amount of brightness can be directly controlled by dimmer switches which also mete out the amount of energy which goes to or from a given LED solution—but be advised: you’re going to want a little advice pertaining to which sort of dimmer you buy; research is wise.

The Future Is Now

The new millennium has provided unparalleled options when it comes to technological application. LED options aren’t the only new innovation that is quickly becoming affordable. Solar power has begun to experience unprecedented popularity in recent years, and the list goes on.

From hybrid cars to smartphones, to the cloud, it is more and more possible for normal folks to stylistically transcend their financial situations with burgeoning, cutting-edge tech. Those with relatively tight budgets are now able to enjoy the same kind of privileges previously only available to those whose pockets were bottomless.

If you want to be stylistic and trendy while remaining environmentally conscious and saving money at the same time, going the LED route is just one of many ways you can do precisely this thing. So get online and look at some of the new developments now becoming affordable. You may be surprised.

Factoring Maintenance Into Your Kitchen Planning

Whether you are working in food service or are part of a restaurant group, creating the most functional kitchen possible will often be a function of the type of equipment that you purchase.  Of course, how you modify this equipment to match the needs of your maintenance team is also going to make a difference in how efficient your kitchen ends up being:

As one of the most popular ways to modify kitchen equipment is to set it up to be mobile so that you can clear an area quickly when you need it to be cleaned, here are some different mobility options that can help save you time and money:

Add Casters: When it comes to mobility, food service casters are one of the mainstays of the restaurant industry. It is important to find a good vendor because your workers will be moving equipment that weighs quite a bit on top of whatever casters that you have chosen. Companies like not only carry a wide variety of standardized casters, they also have several different types of material like polyurethane that can extend or specialize the use of the equipment you have purchased.

Add Extensions: Moving dishwashers and other appliances by putting them on wheels makes cleanup fast. If the appliances do not have a lot of space to move around in, you can additionally consider adding legs that can be easily extended, allowing you to raise the appliance so that you can mop or clean underneath it. If you have space, but would like this type of option, you can always look at adding extendable casters that give you the best of both worlds. Adjustble height casters also give you the ability to match your staff’s comfort zone when it comes to raising tables and other work areas to a level that they can use.

Consider Built-in Space: One restaurant chain has started planning built-in space for each piece of equipment, the idea being that they will be able to put all the equipment away quickly and then clean the combined space quickly and efficently. This option is said to save time and money once it is implemented because each major work area can be cleared quickly.

As time goes on, if your company is located in a metro area that has embraced a new, higher minimum wage, you will likely be looking for ways to increase efficiency. Ensuring that all your equipment can be moved efficiently so that your cleaning crews can clean well is one way that you can start saving money that will allow your to protect your profit margins.

The art of pastel portraiture – Names and works of few revered artists

In order to learn how to paint with pastels, you need not be a professional in design but you definitely require the skill and passion for the same. While there are many types of painters, pastel painters are some of the most common and recently there has been an upsurge on the number of pastel portrait artists. If you’re a painter who paints pastel portraits, you may be looking for enough inspiration in your field so that you can encourage yourself and boost your activities. Here are some pastel painters who have been famous. Let’s take a look at their lives and how they have cultivated themselves into such great painters.


Alain Voinot

He was born in the year 1954 and resides in France. He is a self-taught pastellist who initially practiced classical design with a clear love from black and white. When he shifted to colour, he chose pastel as his best medium that best fits into his subject matter and style. Followed by a 20 year apprenticeship, he developed his knowledge on pastels and started realizing his strengths and weaknesses. Alain’s favorite theme is landscape but he also excels in drawing portrait size photographs in acrylic colors. According to him, the spirit of an artist tries to approach the beauty and mystery of the world and then interpret it in his own vision. The search for the synthesis motivates him.

Richard Suckling

Richard Suckling started off his early career as an illustrator in London. The last decade has seen an instinctive progression from painting to graphic art to mainly painting with pastels and acrylic. Richard Suckling believes in painting only those on which you have a real passion for. He usually paints in soft acrylics and pastels, mainly seascapes and land and there is a display of his work in West Country galleries. Off late, Richard had written a piece for The Artist Magazine on the brand new techniques of painting.

Francois Malnati

Francois was born is Delle in 1950 and he too is a self-taught artist. Some cities among his influences are Arikha, Wayne Thibaud, Wyeth, Szafran and Levy Dhurmer. He is a person who has a lot of affinity towards realistic painters Robert C. Jackson, Scott Frader and Janet Monafo. He has already won the award for still life painting at the PSEC exhibition in 2015. His personal style represents colorist influences and his work comprises of exploration of contemporary still life based on unusual subject matter and strong design.

Diego Simancas

Diego Simancas was born in Spain in 1958 and he graduated with honours in drawing before the School of Industrial Engineering. From 1987 to 1995, he divided his time between painting and his pharmaceutical work. But since 2000 he concentrated on painting, particularly on portraits. From 2001 started a new phase when he gave way to fantasy and bid goodbye to realism.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about some inspirations in the field of painting, you can definitely seek the same from the painters mentioned above.


Saving Money on Interior Decor

At long last the decision has been made, you are going to be doing some redecorating on your tired old house – how exciting! You are not quite sure exactly what you are going to do, but probably some painting here and there, some remodeling of some old furniture and maybe brightening up some dark areas on the hallway. And before you know it, you have a whole home decorating project on the go! Before you go and employ an expensive personal decorator, here are some tips to consider saving money on interior décor:
1. Use Ideas Around You:
Look in magazines, browse the internet, speak to your friends and trawl the second hand shops and get some ideas of where to start and what kind of style you favor. You can also keep an eye out for some décor programmes on the television. At the same time, collect paint samples and swatches of material and start working out colours in your head. Play around with your samples and settle on what you want.

2. Start at the Beginning:
Perhaps you need to brighten up your entrance so that when people walk in they get a sense of the kind of home you keep – vintage, French or modern ow whatever you chose. It’s always nice to have a halest and where you can hang keys, or deposit the mail for whoever lives with you in the house. You can use a piece of furniture from somewhere else in the house and give it a new home. A mirror is also a good idea. You can pick up a cheap one at a used goods store and freshen it up with paint and decorative patterns so that it makes a statement. And a nice cream coloured paint will lighten the whole entrance hall.

3. Rearrange Furniture:
This always works well and most people will remark upon it not noticing that you have simply moved a few things around and added some accessories. You could change around your whole lounge and dining room, and maybe use a room divider in the middle to give it an edge. You can pick up lovely antique room dividers or a more modern one where you can insert family photographs for a nice personal touch and inexpensive touch.

4. Use a Bold Statement Paint Colour:
Why not decide to have a statement wall in your kitchen maybe – paint one wall a bright solid colour and add in splashes of the colour around the room. Perhaps change the cupboard door handles to match the paint, and make your own pretty floral curtains with tie backs. This will liven up your kitchen and give it a whole new look for next to nothing.


5. Buy One big piece of Furniture:

While decorating can be an expensive business, you have not spent much if you have followed these tips, so you can afford to splurge on one big item that will really look good and be the focus of attention in the room. Perhaps it will be a nice comfortable bench on your patio which you can cover with multi-coloured cushions to make it look more inviting. And what a colourful statement this will make in summer when you are entertaining. It needn’t cost that much anyway, but boy will it look great! stock a wide range of furntiure but be sure to use a wayfair coupon or promo code to make it cheaper!


And there you have it – 5 tips to assist you liven up your home with new ideas that do not cost the earth. Saving money on interior décor means you can spend on other, more important things, like holidays, birthday presents or even put money towards college funds. And there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you did it all on a shoe-string budget but it looks like a million dollars!

Coming Home to a More Organized Residence

After a long day’s work, the last thing you likely want to do is come home to a clutter-filled residence.

Sure, it can be easy to accrue stuff over time, perhaps even having to find spare rooms to put it all in. That said some thorough cleaning out and considering a storage center for the essentials is certainly a good train of thought.Whether you have done lots of cleaning and still have items leftover that you just don’t have room for, or you have too much stuff and not enough time to go through it, a storage facility may be just what the doctor ordered.

So, are you prepared to come home to a more organized residence when all is said and done?

What Should Go in Storage?

If you are leaning towards a storage facility for your possessions that won’t work in your home or apartment, how will this help you better organize your home, not to mention give you an opportunity to rest easy knowing your items are safely stored somewhere?

As to organizing your home, it doesn’t have to seem like going to the dentist or having to work on your taxes.

The key to organizing it is making sure you don’t overwhelm yourself right off the bat.

If you try and tackle too many items and/or rooms at once, you may feel like things are getting the best of you, so take things one box or room at a time. Doing it this way will make it seem less taxing, allowing you to feel accomplishment after you complete one small project after another.

As for what to store, that is something pretty much only you can decide.

It makes more sense not to store items like documents you may need to look at on a frequent basis, thereby saving you a trip to the storage facility time and time again.

You also probably want to keep personal items such as photo albums, jewelry, antiques etc. with you at all times.

If you have excess furniture, that is something typically one would store at a facility.

You can also store those boxes of various extras (cooking ware, books, outdoor items you don’t use regularly etc.) in a storage facility. Sure, you may want some of those items at times, so that is why finding a storage unit not far from where you reside is a good idea.

Which Storage Center is Best for Your Needs?

Maybe your question is where can I find storage facilities near me to store what I can’t fit in my home?

If that is the case, do some diligent research so that you can locate a facility that doesn’t leave you worrying about your stuff day after day.

For instance, be sure to look at how long the facility has been in business.

During this time, has it had major issues with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other such groups?

Does it have a reputation for so-so customer service or stellar customer service?

Does it seem to raise its prices for storage units on a regular basis? You want to make sure you’re not signing up with a business where their only incentive is making as much money as possible off the customers.

Finally, always rank security at the top of your priority list.

As some storage center renters nationwide have found over the years, break-ins can and do happen, though they are certainly not the norm.

The key is finding a storage facility that puts great emphasis on security.

Such security measures should include video cameras around the premises, along with locked gates that are only accessible to customers via keys or computer codes. If a facility you’re checking out has none of these items mentioned, be sure to look elsewhere. The last thing you want (or need for that matter) is coming to check on your stuff, only to find someone else has gotten into it.

When you end up coming home to a more organized residence inside and out, your overall life should prove a happier and healthier one.

If a storage center hasn’t cropped up in your thoughts before, give it a try moving forward.

The Four Classic Interior Design Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

These days, everyone wants to take a do-it-yourself approach to home improvement, and why not?

However, when it comes to interior design, there are plenty of mistakes that newbies fall prey to.

From taking on projects that are simply too much to blowing out your budget, don’t put yourself in a position where you’re stuck, unable to move forward on turning your house in the home of your dreams.

Instead, take a proactive approach to interior design while still keeping your expectations realistic. Chances are, you can do a bulk of your next project on your own; however, do you know the four classic interior design mistakes that plague most first-timers?

Keep the following list in the back of your mind whether you’re new to home improvement or are pondering a new project.

Lack of a Centerpiece

Perhaps the most common mistake that designers make is not having their efforts centered around a focal point. While this may seem like a harmless practice, consider the following:

  • Without a central piece to focus on, we have no idea of the big picture when it comes to complimenting colors for prints, fabrics and décor
  • Having a centerpiece can prevent snafus with such as buying too many or too few complimenting pieces of furniture
  • Space can quickly become an issue if you don’t know exactly what you’ll be working around from room to room

For example, pieces of high-quality bedroom furniture should be emphasized versus ignored. Remember: your centerpieces represent a bold statement and should be an investment in your interior design efforts.

Limiting Your Options

Interior design is all about creativity and not boxing yourself in, quite literally.

Likewise, don’t simply rely on big box retailers as your only option when it comes to finding new pieces for your home. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t you?

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, take the time to shop around both in-store and online. Explore your options before splurging: the more time you take to do your homework, you more likely you are to save.

Holding on to Old Pieces

It’s difficult to effectively redesign if you’re stuck in a hoarder mentality; however, “out with the old, in with the new” should perhaps be your new mantra.

Although your antiques or budget pieces may have served you will in the past, ask yourself: do they mesh with the rest of the room? If you find yourself stuck with a bunch of clashing pieces, you have to decide early on whether you want to replace them or try something different.

Although you shouldn’t needlessly pitch your old furniture, think hard about what’s worth hanging on to versus what is probably due for a replacement.

Doing Too Much

The stereotype of the busy interior designer you see on television may be amusing, but such busyness can come back to bite us when we find ourselves trying to do too much at once. For example, you should work room by room rather than attempt to overhaul your interior over the course of a week. Doing so will keep your budget in check and won’t leave you stick with a bunch of clutter.

In short, interior design is perhaps best practiced slowly and simply. To avoid any mistakes or snafus, focus on “the big picture” of your home and think of each room as a step-by-step process.

Everything you need to know about is the most trusted US based printing business company that has been around for the past several years and offering superlative printing services to people ever since. This article is all about this printing services company and everything that you need to know about these printing services and how it works!


This printing and designing company named 55printing.comis a superlative and high-quality service provider that has been around for over a decade now. Centrally based in the United States it now also operates online via the web. The whole purpose of this business is to provide high quality, superlative, and supreme printing services to the customers who are looking for printing and designing services for their businesses.

Why choose

There are not one but various reasons why you should be choosing to avail the 55printing services right away. If years of working experience in the relevant field are not enough to convince you then we have a wide list of reasons why you should choose to avail these services.

  • You will have a specialized professional team assisting you from step one till the final delivery of products.
  • The team of experts is trained and has the expertise to cater to theindividual as well as business group needs.
  • There is a wide array of design templates that are available to choose from for the clients. The options of services and products are unlimited.
  • The website has all top rated products listed for user viewing at all times
  • The services for printing included digital services, manual services as well as offset services.
  • All services are personalized and customized to be shaped around the needs of the customers.
  • In addition to thesuperlative quality of products; complete customer care is also provided.

How do they work?

The working style of 55 printing services is very detailed and comprehensive. The whole process of work comprises of a number of steps that are all carefully planned out by the team of professionals. The purpose of working step by step is to ensure that nothing is comprised on. Each work step is carried out under theexpert supervision of professional designers and experts.

Step 1: Product design sketch and review

The initial most things to do are to sketch out the design of the product that you are looking for. This may be the design of a letterhead, business card, credit card, leaflet or a pamphlet. The professional expert will make a rough sketch of the design that you have in your mind.

Step 2: Ensuring quality work

The next step is to make sure that the quality of the products is superlative and not compromised on in any circumstances. This includes checking on every last detail such as color, paper quality, materials being used etc.

Step 3: Final checks before delivery

Prior to the products being dispatched the professionals make sure to have a last minute check of all products in an order. This helps to maintain consistency and ensure high quality of all products.


Types of Floor Heating Systems

One of the biggest concerns that most homeowners have is keeping their homes warm. With all of the different options out there in regards to home heating, it will take a homeowner a bit of time to find the right options. Among the best types of heating out there is radiant floor heating. There are a number of different types of radiant heating systems on the market and finding the right one means that you will have to do some homework. Below are some of the most common radiant Floor Heating Systems and how they can be beneficial.

Air Heated Floors

One of the most uncommon types of floor heating systems is powered by air. Since air cannot hold a lot of hot air, you will rarely see this variety of system in a home. If you are getting one of these systems put in, you need to make sure that you find a professional with a good deal of experience in dealing with them. By tracking down the right company, you should have no problem getting the results that you are looking for. Since this type of flooring is so rare, it may take a while to find the right company to do the installation work.

Electric Radiant Floors

This type of radiant flooring is much more common and is very efficient. In order to heat the home, electrical cables are used to produce the heat. For the most part, these types of radiant systems are much less expensive and will be able to heat a  home with ease. Be sure to speak with the professionals installing the system to find out more about how to care for it over time. The maintenance that is performed on this type of heating system is important and will help you get the most out of your system.

Hydronic Radiant Flooring

Another very popular type of radiant heating uses water to heat the home. The hydronic systems are very common and popular due to the effectiveness they have. When trying to get one of these systems put in your home, you will have to take the time to research the installers in your area. Attempting to do this type of installation alone can lead to a variety of different mistakes being made. Rather than mess things up due to your lack of experience, you will have to hire the right professionals to assist you.

The money that is paid to a professional for this type of work will more than pay off in the long run.



Helpful Tips for Building an Energy Efficient Home

When you hire a new home builder for the construction of your home, you should look into the options and technology available for ensuring superior energy efficiency. The good news is that there are now more ways than ever before to ensure your home is performing at optimum efficiency, the key is knowing what to purchase and why it is important. Getting things like great windows and the right Drywall Supplies can make a big difference in the quality of your new home. Learn more about energy efficient building materials here.

Quality Doors and Windows

When you purchase a high-quality door and Energy-Star rated windows, you can feel confident that no air will be escaping and no outside air will be getting in. This is essential to keep you utility costs down. When you begin to look for windows, be sure that you are purchasing star rated windows that have Low-E glass, which will provide the best insulation on the market currently.

Large Overhangs

No matter where you live, the summer sun can drive cooling costs in your home up. In addition to using black out curtains, consider installing a large overhang above the windows. This will shield a large amount of the UV rays that cause the temperature in your home to go up, resulting in higher than average utility costs.

Use Solar Heat

Have you considered using solar panels? This is a great way to utilize the sun’s power, reducing the cost of heating your home in the winter months. The fact is that solar power is free and you can use this technology to help warm your home in the cold winter months. The key here is to install the panels on the south side of your home, where they will absorb the most rays.

Opt for Insulated Concrete Forms

When you have your foundation poured with an insulated concrete form, it will be much more energy efficient. In fact, if you do not have an insulated foundation, you are essentially wasting as much as 30 percent of your energy dollars.


This is especially crucial in your great room. You should ensure that any room being lit by the sun is well ventilated. This will help to prevent any issues of overheating and create an even temperature throughout the structure. Ceiling fans and windows that are able to open can assist with this.

Creating an energy efficient home is not as difficult as it was in the past. In fact, a large number of new home builders actively use energy efficient components and materials in their building process. This can help you save money and reduce your home’s environmental impact.

Types of Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Are you considering updating your kitchen? If so, a feature you should consider is under Kitchen Cabinets Toronto lighting. This type of light offers evenly distributed light that will add style and function to your space. There are a number of different options to consider, with three of the most popular being highlighted here.


If you are seeking an energy efficient and affordable option, you should consider fluorescent under cabinet lights. This is one of the best ways for you to save energy without having to sacrifice any functionality. Additionally, this option is typically more affordable than the other energy efficient options that are available. No matter if you would rather have the broad illumination of a linear task light or a pooling effect t of puck light, fluorescent light fixtures can help you to light your countertops in an affordable manner without having to sacrifice longevity or quality.

Puck Lights

These offer a versatile solution for your under the cabinet, kitchen lighting needs and will create a type of pooled light effect on counters. The majority of puck lights are able to be installed on the surface, or recessed and then mounted to the desired location. There are a number of different sizes and types of pucks, and bulbs to choose from. You can also select from hardwired, battery powered or plug-in puck lights.

LED Strips and Rope

LED strip and robe lighting offers an affordable and functional option for your under cabinet kitchen lighting. These lights can be installed in a number of ways, and the LED bulbs help to keep your kitchen lighting bright without driving up your utility costs. The strip and rope light options have been specifically designed to bathe your countertop and ceiling or even showcase an essential element of your kitchen.

If you are interested in the different types and styles of under the cabinet kitchen lighting, then considering these options is important. You should also contact the professionals to help you out. They can help you determine the right type of lighting for your space and ensure that it is installed in a manner that will complement your space. Getting this type of help if the only way to ensure you get the right lighting installed and functional in a hurry. The time put into finding the right professionals will be well worth it in the long run.

Paying a professional for their help will be well worth it in the end.