The art of pastel portraiture – Names and works of few revered artists

In order to learn how to paint with pastels, you need not be a professional in design but you definitely require the skill and passion for the same. While there are many types of painters, pastel painters are some of the most common and recently there has been an upsurge on the number of pastel portrait artists. If you’re a painter who paints pastel portraits, you may be looking for enough inspiration in your field so that you can encourage yourself and boost your activities. Here are some pastel painters who have been famous. Let’s take a look at their lives and how they have cultivated themselves into such great painters.


Alain Voinot

He was born in the year 1954 and resides in France. He is a self-taught pastellist who initially practiced classical design with a clear love from black and white. When he shifted to colour, he chose pastel as his best medium that best fits into his subject matter and style. Followed by a 20 year apprenticeship, he developed his knowledge on pastels and started realizing his strengths and weaknesses. Alain’s favorite theme is landscape but he also excels in drawing portrait size photographs in acrylic colors. According to him, the spirit of an artist tries to approach the beauty and mystery of the world and then interpret it in his own vision. The search for the synthesis motivates him.

Richard Suckling

Richard Suckling started off his early career as an illustrator in London. The last decade has seen an instinctive progression from painting to graphic art to mainly painting with pastels and acrylic. Richard Suckling believes in painting only those on which you have a real passion for. He usually paints in soft acrylics and pastels, mainly seascapes and land and there is a display of his work in West Country galleries. Off late, Richard had written a piece for The Artist Magazine on the brand new techniques of painting.

Francois Malnati

Francois was born is Delle in 1950 and he too is a self-taught artist. Some cities among his influences are Arikha, Wayne Thibaud, Wyeth, Szafran and Levy Dhurmer. He is a person who has a lot of affinity towards realistic painters Robert C. Jackson, Scott Frader and Janet Monafo. He has already won the award for still life painting at the PSEC exhibition in 2015. His personal style represents colorist influences and his work comprises of exploration of contemporary still life based on unusual subject matter and strong design.

Diego Simancas

Diego Simancas was born in Spain in 1958 and he graduated with honours in drawing before the School of Industrial Engineering. From 1987 to 1995, he divided his time between painting and his pharmaceutical work. But since 2000 he concentrated on painting, particularly on portraits. From 2001 started a new phase when he gave way to fantasy and bid goodbye to realism.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about some inspirations in the field of painting, you can definitely seek the same from the painters mentioned above.


Saving Money on Interior Decor

At long last the decision has been made, you are going to be doing some redecorating on your tired old house – how exciting! You are not quite sure exactly what you are going to do, but probably some painting here and there, some remodeling of some old furniture and maybe brightening up some dark areas on the hallway. And before you know it, you have a whole home decorating project on the go! Before you go and employ an expensive personal decorator, here are some tips to consider saving money on interior décor:
1. Use Ideas Around You:
Look in magazines, browse the internet, speak to your friends and trawl the second hand shops and get some ideas of where to start and what kind of style you favor. You can also keep an eye out for some décor programmes on the television. At the same time, collect paint samples and swatches of material and start working out colours in your head. Play around with your samples and settle on what you want.

2. Start at the Beginning:
Perhaps you need to brighten up your entrance so that when people walk in they get a sense of the kind of home you keep – vintage, French or modern ow whatever you chose. It’s always nice to have a halest and where you can hang keys, or deposit the mail for whoever lives with you in the house. You can use a piece of furniture from somewhere else in the house and give it a new home. A mirror is also a good idea. You can pick up a cheap one at a used goods store and freshen it up with paint and decorative patterns so that it makes a statement. And a nice cream coloured paint will lighten the whole entrance hall.

3. Rearrange Furniture:
This always works well and most people will remark upon it not noticing that you have simply moved a few things around and added some accessories. You could change around your whole lounge and dining room, and maybe use a room divider in the middle to give it an edge. You can pick up lovely antique room dividers or a more modern one where you can insert family photographs for a nice personal touch and inexpensive touch.

4. Use a Bold Statement Paint Colour:
Why not decide to have a statement wall in your kitchen maybe – paint one wall a bright solid colour and add in splashes of the colour around the room. Perhaps change the cupboard door handles to match the paint, and make your own pretty floral curtains with tie backs. This will liven up your kitchen and give it a whole new look for next to nothing.


5. Buy One big piece of Furniture:

While decorating can be an expensive business, you have not spent much if you have followed these tips, so you can afford to splurge on one big item that will really look good and be the focus of attention in the room. Perhaps it will be a nice comfortable bench on your patio which you can cover with multi-coloured cushions to make it look more inviting. And what a colourful statement this will make in summer when you are entertaining. It needn’t cost that much anyway, but boy will it look great! stock a wide range of furntiure but be sure to use a wayfair coupon or promo code to make it cheaper!


And there you have it – 5 tips to assist you liven up your home with new ideas that do not cost the earth. Saving money on interior décor means you can spend on other, more important things, like holidays, birthday presents or even put money towards college funds. And there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you did it all on a shoe-string budget but it looks like a million dollars!