How to Find Custom Wood Furniture in Toronto

Beautiful furniture can be essential to a beautiful home; showing the homeowner’s tastes in textures, styles, colours, and home decor. Finding the right furniture to fulfil all the criteria a homeowner might desire can be difficult, but with the right designer, it can be accomplished. Every homeowner wants that one signature piece that makes their house stand out above the rest. It’s a piece that gives guests something to talk about with adoration. A piece that will make people say to each other, “you know, it’s the house with the gorgeous dining table”.

Some of the most desirable and well-made tables and cabinets are handcrafted out of materials like pine, oak, cherry, and maple. These pieces are precise and durable, made with care and a high standard of quality. They can be designed in any dimensions and customized to fit any area of a home when you work with the right company. In case you’re not sure what to ask about when you want to buy a bed set or cabinet made especially for you, check out to learn more about the process and benefits of custom wood furniture. Well-made wooden furniture can last for generations and can be passed to children or grandchildren.



When choosing a company to create furniture for your home, one should consider their reputation and longevity. In Toronto, shops like Woodcraft have been around for decades, growing out of modest, one-man operations. You should also consider the shipping prices and procedures, and the options for international shipping. It’s always a good idea to look into guarantees and shipping insurance. It would be bad enough if your handcrafted, personally-designed cabinet were damaged, and shipping insurance on your purchase can spare you a world of grief.
You should also look at the versatility of the manufacturer. Choose a company that can create to your style. Whether it is a modern look, a log cabin aesthetic, a New York loft vibe, or a rustic atmosphere, find a company that can do it all.

In addition to creating beautiful new wood pieces, there are a few select craftsmen that can repair existing pieces. Nothing hurts the soul more than when a family heirloom passed through the generations or a priceless antique is cracked or damaged. Often, when this happens, the original creator is no longer available to repair the damage. Finding the right craftsman can be difficult, but some of the criteria you should look for include:

  • A commitment to refinishing by hand, such as practiced by companies like Woodcraft, not by dipping or soaking in tanks, since that will loosen joints and glue and damage the veneer
  • Dark-to-light refinishing
  • A commitment to history and a willingness to preserve scratches and dents that for some reason tell a part of family history

You spend a lot of time in your home, make sure it is furnished the way you desire. Beautiful wooden furniture will brighten up any home; let it brighten up yours as well.

Stylish Modern and Contemporary Home and Office Furniture

Contemporary furniture for houses and offices is at the present time simple to get for all the offices and living spaces in your home. So shopping for the stylish modern furniture is extremely easy and fits any lifestyle and taste. There are a lot of different types of furnishings and lighting that range from commercial spaces to outdoor and living space furniture. For the modern living space furnishings, there is a huge range of contemporary house and office furniture and lightings that contains trendy leather sofas, 2 or 3 seats leather couches or the bobo leather couches with arched beech timber backrest, modern chaise lounges that have been made in a lot of different styles and sizes that will aid improve the visual appearance of your commercial space or your living room in the house.


Contemporary Furniture and Lightings Reflect your Style

Furniture your office or living room with contemporary furnishings that includes contemporary chaise not just aids you to relax however also reflects your personality and way of life. A living room is a special place where family or visitors stay, so it is supposed to be comfortable, stylish and attractive. The contemporary furniture and lights must be sturdy and durable in order that it does not wear out very quickly to cause discomfiture in the house.


Consider the Interior Designs of Your Rooms

When aiming to buy modern furniture, there are a lot of contemporary interior furniture that contains modern TV cabinets, coffee tables, sideboards, bookcases and sofa beds. Ensure that the furnishings that you aim to purchase for your house or office is comfortable, the colors must complement with each other and the designs must be sleek and modern. For a big seating option, you must select modern furniture that suits the design of your office or home and must come in different material options that may contain leather, micro fiber, polyester or suede.


Choose Trendy Fabrics for Sofas

Choosing which fabrics to buy based with the amount of finance you possess and what you can manage to pay and your requirements and way of life. Modern lightings and modern leather couches or sofas offer your office or living room with a luxurious and warm feel that will make your jealously of your friends who may as well end up purchasing the same contemporary furnishings for home or office as you. As the contemporary leather sofas are durable and as well fade resistant the skin will get softer in addition to form fitting over the decades.

Modern Home Office Furniture For Computer Workplace #302 | House  for Modern Home Office Furniture - Auto Car
Modern Home Office Furniture For Computer Workplace #302 | House for Modern Home Office Furniture – Auto Car

Affordable Contemporary Sofa Designs

For budget conscious buyers or in instance you do not have adequate money to buy the costly leather furniture you can purchase polyester contemporary micro fiber or furniture for your home or office that available a number of different designs and colors. You can as well add trendy cushions, stools, and contemporary lighting and furniture that will match with your couches set and also complement with carpet that is trouble free to wash and durable.

Do not let the Bed Bugs Bite Naturally!

What bed bug article would you say you are attempting to dispose of? In the event that you say “blood suckers,” I recoil. It’s less in nausea – in spite of the fact that, they are frightful easily overlooked details. It’s that I know you have gone into a fight. A long, hard fight. Blood suckers duplicate rapidly. A solitary female can create more than 200 eggs amid her life. Eggs will incubate inside of 6 – 10 days and these novices will search for sustenance promptly. A gnawing creepy crawly in under a week? No doubt, that is quick.

They spread effortlessly, as well. While these bed bug articles don’t hop, they do creep and they will slither on anything. It’s the reason they’ve turned into an issue. They slither into sleeping pads, behind baseboards, and that bag you utilized on your last excursion. Talking about travel, wash and dry the majority of your garments on high warmth quickly after coming back from an outing. This will prevent them from plaguing your home. Regardless of the fact that you aren’t certain, I’d do this. No offense to anybody you’ve stayed with, however Bed bug bugs are not something you need. Ever.

They can be difficult to discover in light of the fact that they will cover up in a wide range of spots in the home amid the day as they are dynamic for the most part around evening time. That is the reason there is that adage: Don’t let the Bed bug bugs nibble. They devour us during the evening when we’re tucked sleeping in our Bed bugs.

se Bed bug locators to tell you when/on the off chance that you have them. Presently, on to the battle. What’s more, yes, it is a battle. There are items that will help, yet you will in any case need to toss out some punches to dispose of them also. Begin today, not tomorrow. Wash and dry all sheet material on high warmth. Seal up sleeping pads, cushions, and box springs with spreads that are marked sans allergen to keep away tidy parasites.

Shower non-poisonous blood sucker splash on dress, furniture and some other zone that might be influenced. Any things you hurl ought to be given a notice name in enormous letters with an indelible marker. That will keep another from supposing they scored an incredible find. You don’t need another to need to experience this.

Questions To Ask Office Design And Fitout Company Before The Work Gets Started!

The way in which you staff feels when they enter the office every morning is something that is very crucial for determining the way in which the rest of the day will go.

Office Design And Fitout

  • In case your office is not well organized then it would not lead to good thinking among the employees. Hence it is very crucial that you plan office design and fitout very carefully.
  • When it comes to design and fit out of the office it is always good to hire professional company rather than trying your hands.
  • Right from introducing new color themes, to creating inventive designs for furniture, closet and cubicle, the perfect design for the office design and fit-out can enhance the overall aesthetic of your office.

What are the factors to consider when you call out the office design and fit-out professionals?

How much experience does the professional have?

This is the foremost question that you need to ask as it is one of the major things in determining how they will work for your office design. You can also go further and ask whether they hold specialized experience in commercial office solutions, office space design and other such specialization. It is important that you look for ergonomically-designed workspace so that the office fit-out lasts for long, and the working efficiency of the employees also get enhanced.

What kind of projects have you handled before?

This is one of the very good methods of judging the scalability of the company. With this you will also be able to know whether they have understood what your requirements are as far as design and fit out is concerned.

Office Design And Fitouts

What kind of insurance you have?

It is one of the questions that you cannot afford to miss asking. When they have insurance it will be able to cover the expenses of damaged to your property and staff. Always make sure that check the paperwork prior to hiring the company.

How much time will be taken to complete the assignment?

Even though the time taken by the office design and fitout company is based on various factors such as office size, etc., still you need to ask them to officer estimated time period. This proves to be helpful for you mainly when you would like to get the work completed as soon as possible.

What is the contingency plan?

In most of the cases contingencies would not be required; however, you never know when the need arises. In such situations these plan can save your business from spending extra money, time and resources. If anything worst takes place there is a plan on which you can depend to get it fixed.

Will you be able to work on tight deadlines if required?

Usually you will get a Yes as the response. However, if the office design and fitout company is able to give you some examples about their previous work when such emergencies occurred and the way in which they tackled the entire project you will be getting a better idea about the company.

Will you be able to offer reference of some same projects done before?

You should always make it a point to ask for references. Also, if you contact the professionals from the online portals, it is important to know about their sample works and what are the real reviews that are written about them.

There are innumerous office design and Fitout Company available in the market and so you need to ask why you should consider hiring their services. When you ask such question they will highlight they expertise and what all best things they can offer your office specifically.


Making Home Feel Hospitable

A comfortable home that features a welcoming atmosphere is certainly an ideal that many want. A great home can be a drawing point for friends and family to stop by for a while or an extended stay. Making a home feel hospitable can be accomplished by focusing on two areas of the home, and that is the interior and exterior of a living facility.

Interior Improvements
While there are numerous items that can be changed or purchased in order to make a home look more hospitable, consider some simple improvements that may be more effective. If a home features a sofa or plush chair, it may be time to purchase a new seat cover to give it a fresh look. Seat covers come in many colors and patterns that can be ideal for a room. In addition to this, take a closer look at mats and rugs within a home. Floor rugs that are usually found within the entrance or backdoor of a home can be a welcoming sight to visitors and friends. Rugs that are featured in a bathroom or kitchen may need to be updated due to familiar rugs that have become faded or well worn over the years. New rugs can provide a nice look to a room that does not cost a lot of money.

Exterior Improvements
When it is time to improve the exterior of a home, consider investing in new patio furniture. Patio furniture and similar décor can transform the exterior of a home to be more comfortable and hospitable to everyone. Over the years, patio furniture has improved greatly, and there are plenty of styles, colors and designs that fit in with many personal styles of homeowners. Furthermore, consider adding some plants and shrubs that can give a nice look to a yard. For people who like to entertain outdoors by cooking delicious meals, consider investing in a new grill that can cook chicken, beef, sausage, vegetables and so much more to perfection.

The comfort of a home truly depends upon what a homeowner wants. Feel free to make changes and adjustments to the interior and exterior of a home in order to make it truly great. Whether it is time for new rugs, patio décor or a bison deck, great options are available. Take confidence in making a decision that can lead to a home being quite hospitable.

The Best Accessories for Your Shabby Chic Living Room

You’ve just returned from a weeklong holiday in the south of France. Your home awaits your arrival and you’re flush with ideas on how to decorate for a new lease of la vie. An armoire here, an old stove heater, antique style French chairs right over there, a distressed gold leaf framed mirror and a beautiful chandelier to bring it all together.

Most people have a pretty clear vision of the big stuff. The shabby chic furniture that will fill the room.But once the main living room staples have been assembled – ie a comfy place to sit and relax like a sofa and armchairs – a few places to store and display things, and some form of illumination that will highlight your colour choice and fill the room with warm light – the search for perfect accessories is a little more elusive. You might see something brilliant in the shop that ends up clashing with the majority of your new furnishings.  So we’ve compiled a list of items that will bring out the best in your shabby chic living roomfrom bookends to the best bins – these are our top picks.


A good clock is often overlooked these days, but grandfather clocks were a staple of the Victorian household. Cell phones and tech have done away with our need for decorative timepieces. In many households the clock has been all but forgotten. In a shabby chic living room, you’re going to want to reinvigorate the old and breathe new life into antiques. Hanging an antique French style clock on the wall is not only practical, it will bring back fond memories of a bygone era.


Bookends come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not the kind of thing that stand out right away, but they are the kind of little touch you’ll appreciate when designing your perfect lounge. While the friends who you invite to inspect your decorating marvels might notice only later on in the evening – a good bookend will give everyone something to talk about. Be creative, visit a charity shop – someone’s old knick-knacks might make for the perfect pair.


It’s easy to underestimate all the effort that goes into designing a themed space, even with shabby chic where quirky repurposed bits and pieces can make up a large part of the decor, colours and shape are still carefully planned. If you want to get your themed living room down to a tee, even the bin matters. Be free in your search for the perfect rubbishrepository. Choose a bucket that might not normally be used as a bin. Outdoor garden tins or a leather-bound basket will look perfect in many shabby chic settings.

The ornate lives in the detail. Choose your accessories with care so you can bask in the glow of your shabby chic achievement.

How to Care for your Rattan Garden Furniture

If you are looking for high quality, affordable furniture that will add a stylish touch to your garden, we highly recommend considering rattan furniture. Whilst wood and metal garden furniture were popular in the past, today more and more people are choosing rattan or synthetic rattan furniture instead. In this article we will provide our top tips on how to care for your rattan garden furniture.

Maintaining the Quality of your Rattan Furniture

One of the best things about rattan furniture is that it is very easy to care for. If you are looking for garden furniture that will require minimal effort to maintain, furniture made from rattan will make a fantastic choice.


Rattan furniture will add a touch of luxury to your garden.

Pc: Wicker Furniture

One of the easiest ways to clean your rattan furniture is to give it a spray with your garden hose. This will remove dirt, dust and grime, making your furniture more appealing to the eye. Another way to remove dust from your rattan furniture, without getting it wet, would be to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Removing Stains from your Rattan Furniture

If you find that there are stubborn stains on your furniture, you may need to use a chemical cleaning product. Always make sure that the product is safe to use on rattan before applying it. We highly recommend performing a patch test on a hidden area to check that it does not bleach or discolour your furniture.

A safer alternative is to clean your furniture with a mixture of soap and warm water. Always rinse your furniture thoroughly to stop the soap from seeping into the cracks. Carry out cleaning tasks on a windy day so that your furniture can air dry quickly.

If you accidentally spill anything on your rattan furniture when you are dining al fresco in the summer time, it is best to make sure you mop it up immediately. This will stop the liquid from being absorbed by the rattan material and will prevent permanent damage.


Spruce up your rattan furniture by giving it a fresh lick of paint.

Pc: Wicker Furniture

Painting Rattan Furniture

If you are looking for an easy way to give your garden a fresh new look for the summer time, why not consider painting your rattan furniture? This year bold primary colours and sweet pastel shades are on trend. Give your furniture a wipe down before you paint it and make sure that you sand any rough edges. Applying a paint primer is optional.

If you do want to paint your rattan furniture, we highly recommend using a sponge applicator as opposed to a paint brush. A sponge will allow you to carry out the task much quicker, whilst also getting into all of your furnitures weaves and crevasses. It is also important to make sure that the paint you choose is suitable for outdoor furniture. Most hardware stores sell waterproof paint that will be perfect for the job!

Moving your Furniture in Doors

Although rattan and synthetic rattan furniture are fairly durable and able to stand well against the elements, if you want to prolong the life of your furniture, it is highly recommended that you store it indoors. If you have the space, store your rattan furniture in your shed or summer house, covering it over to prevent it from getting dusty. Alternatively you could always use it in your conservatory (if you have one) and then simply move it outside when the weather gets better in the summer time.


Rattan furniture is an excellent choice for your garden as not only does it look stylish, but it is also hard wearing and easy to maintain. Keep these care tips in mind when cleaning and maintaining your furniture to keep it looking as good as the day you purchased it. For more information please log on to

Finding the best bedroom furniture

Our house is undoubtedly the most comfortable place to us all. We customise it in such a manner so as to suit our lifestyle and preferences. The furniture in particular is what we are most accustomed to, particularly the beds and other bedroom furniture. When it comes to bedroom furniture Singapore is the best place to shop for the same. Be it the beds or the bed frame (or any other furniture you use), you can find plenty of styles, designs, types and sizes of all that you are looking for. There’s no scope that you won’t find what you have been looking for as has been witnessed by people who visit the country to shop furniture. Moreover, if you are a local then the case further tilts in your favour. You get to access some of the best wooden furniture there is in the world and all at ease and convenience.

Bedroom furniture Singapore

When it comes to purchasing bed room furniture, it is of utmost importance that you prefer strength and durability since the intended usage of the furniture items is of a long term period. Whether or not you agree, using something for a long term leads to considerable wear and tear so one needs to take into consideration all these factors and buy the best quality wooden furniture. Since the bedroom is the place where people spend most of their time, it is of paramount importance that good quality and high durability furniture is bought for the same. Moreover, if you have got plush interiors and spacious house then there is no reason why you should compromise with the quality of furniture that is used in such a place. There would be no need to keep on performing timely replacement of the furniture as it wears down hence there are more than one advantages of purchasing good quality bedroom furniture made out of strong and durable wood.

Bedroom furniture has another important aspect attached to it and that is its overall appearance and design. A good bedroom set should instantly inject a feeling of calmness and tranquillity in you as you glance at it. Here the quality of wood polish too gains a lot of significance. It can influence the overall appearance of the bedroom furniture to a great deal. Hence you see quite a few people giving a lot of emphasis to the kind of polish that is performed upon the furniture that they purchase for their house. Design of the bedroom set is another parameter that people consider important. A good design will impart a superior look to a comfortable bed and will make your bedroom look perfect. Since you want to have a relaxing and refreshing sleep, it is important that your eye too is made to believe the same and good bedroom furniture design does exactly that without fail.

So, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, if you are truly particular about getting the best bedroom furniture Singapore is the place where you should be shopping for the same.



A truly stylish space always has at least a bit of the unusual about it—the oversized table, the oddly shaped ottoman, the chair that always prompts the question “Where did you get that?” If you’ve struggled to find that item for your home, it could be time to consider customised or bespoke furniture. The investment will be long lasting.

images (1)

Better than Vintage?

It’s the nature of the beast: A vision for the look and feel of your rooms can help direct your buying, but it can also lead to frustration when months go by and you simply cannot find the piece you want. This is especially true if you are shopping for antiques to create, say, a shabby chic look. Quality vintage items also command considerable prices, so perhaps you’ve found the perfect thing, only to discover that the price is far out of reach. In this instance, you would do well to enquire about having a item designed to your specifications.

Plan for Your Future

If you’re just getting started, it can be helpful to have a look at photographs, but don’t get hung up on others’ ideas. When it comes to decorating, ’tis better to know thyself. Most of us don’t have the time to stay on top of weekly cleaning, much less enact a home makeover every few years. Consider carefully what you can live with in the long term and work with a company that listens to your ideas and needs.

Consider a Half-Measure

Some design companies will modify their designs for your needs or even provide a custom finish or paint on an item, allowing you to buy “off the rack” but still get something that feels unique to you and your home.

Keep the Room Flexible

An addendum to the above advice to plan for your future is to proceed with a bit of caution where colour and texture are concerned. A custom piece will draw attention to itself, so keep things harmonious around it. If you love a bold colour, go for one wall, rather than the whole room, or keep the walls neutral and use pillows or other textile-based accents to add some interest. Design your furniture first and select a colour afterward; that way, when your long-awaited item arrives in its appointed place, the room looks just the way you’d hoped.

Unique Furniture Ideas to Give Your Home Some Talking Points

If you are looking for something a little bit more interesting to spice up your home, there are plenty of avenues from which you can choose. Obviously, you can create an entire statement room, with a theme that everything within plays up to, or even choose some wild and wacky wallpaper or carpet designs.

But those are expensive choices, and they can easily go a bit… wrong. Instead of taking that costly (and potentially embarrassing) risk, why not simply go for a statement piece of furniture instead? Below are some of the more interesting ideas we’ve found on our searches – just choose one and you’ll have an instant talking point!

images (1)

Staircase Storage

Staircase storage solutions come from all manner of companies, but we particularly like the striking designs of Danny Kuo’s pieces. They are perfect for the smaller home, as they give you acres of room for storage without taking up much of that valuable floor space.

They are vertical sets of drawers that stretch to the ceiling. How do you reach the higher drawers? Simple – you use the lower ones as a mini staircase! They look fantastic and are wonderfully practical; what more could you want?

Convertible Furniture

There are lots of different convertible pieces available – just think of sofa beds, for example. They can come in fantastically handy when you’re limited on space, especially when they are as ambitious as this design by Julia Kononenko. Sadly, it’s just a mock-up at the minute… but isn’t it wonderful?

It starts off as a chic little sofa that would look right at home in any modern apartment, but simply by playing around with it a bit you can transform it into a dining table that can seat six people, with either small stools or floor cushions to sit on. Fantastic, and oh so stylish.

Cube Furniture

We have found this wonderful range of furniture, covering everything from dining tables to TV stands. All of it is made from sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood), which gives it a unique look and grain.

We particularly like the nesting tables for their sheer practicality, but the star of the show would have to be the S-shaped side table – it is delightfully unusual and would easily be the focal point of any living room. It’s hip to be square!

Canvas Seating

Although “canvas seating” might not sound particularly exciting – it conjures up images of tatty deckchairs – this set from YOY is something entirely different and completely ingenious. The furniture itself looks like nothing more than a canvas painting that you have curiously decided to lean against the wall rather than hang up, but when you get up close and personal you can see it for what it really is.

Made of wood, aluminium and elastic canvas, the “paintings” are actually useable chairs and sofas! Simply back up to the “painting” and take a seat – the seats stretch back behind the canvas, providing a comfortable (and effortlessly stylish) sit down.