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April 10, 2018

New Stylish roof Ceiling Designs That Can Change the Look of Your Home Interior Decor

One part in the home is quite important that you should consider when doing interior Decoration, is part of the ceiling. Ceiling is known as fifth wall in the room, for those of you who have a design and interior designing with a modern theme in their home, ceiling with modern themes is suitable to use.

False ceilings can be made from different materials including Gypsum, Mineral Fiber, wood and Metal & many more.

The roof ceiling design is perfect for every room & it depends upon the space of rooms available in home and the structure of walls and the overall style of the house.

You would be surprised to know that how many different types of ceilings are there from which you have to choose from.

We set of 9 ceiling design options.  Keep in mind, for each type, there are many variations so the resulting number of ceiling designs is really infinite.



  • Steel Ceiling


Steel ceiling can be suspended and applied directly to the ceiling with ceiling lights and shadow lights & it creates an awesome feeling in your room.


  • Glossy Ceiling


Can you imagine the water smooth surface on the ceiling? Glossy ceiling gives the same effect to the roof.

Add character to room with glass ceiling and hanging light. High gloss painted can also be used to make roof glossy

Roof ceilings are viewed as light catching, enlarging, glamorous in any room by glossy finish



  • Wooden ceiling


Using wood roof ceiling that runs to the walls is a good idea giving the space a warm aura & avoid heat coming from roof.

By installing wooden ceiling you can have these few advantages

  • Good acoustic property
  • Insulation properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Wide variety of colors and textures
  • Easy to repair and maintain


  • Tray Ceiling Styles


This is the most common ceiling style. This type of ceiling has a cut out design in the middle part of the ceiling just to add some lighting in the deepest part of ceiling.

Some of house owners uses different color paint for the mid cut out section of ceiling than the rest to give a quiet different look to ceiling


  • Coffered Style Ceiling


It is quiet similar to tray ceiling, a coffered ceiling can give interest to any room no matter how big it is. Coffered ceiling are created with coffers. Coffers are the sunken square or rectangular geometric areas in a ceiling,

The basic importance of coffered ceiling is for lighting fixtures. You can fix at inner side or can be done at centre of each panel or can fix light on each panel. This ceiling creates a good Character in the room with very less décor items.



  • Domed Ceiling Styles


Domed ceilings are Spherical ceiling that rises like dome. A dome can cover the whole room or can also cover a small space. Sometimes seem to be like a capped skylight or glass to let the natural light come in directly.


  • Vaulted Ceiling Styles


This type of ceiling is installed at an angle to both side of room & peak at the center. its commonly named as umbrella like ceiling. Its quiet different in style but still look marvelous after installation


  • Cove Ceilings


Cove ceiling come in many different styles & design. The concept of cove ceiling is that its curves from four main corners of the room like an arc & lead to the ceiling. A humble rounding effect from the wall to ceiling can have an amazing impact on the space.


  • Exposed Ceiling


An exposed ceiling one of the beam ceiling. There can more or less beam in the room. It can be integrated in regular flat or vault ceiling & give a different attractive look after its installation.

It creates a dramatic visual impact to a room & adds an individual touch to your home

False ceilings are Very light in weight, are of moisture resistant and reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces.

It give a Unique Look after installation to your Home Interior Design,

As the top Interior Designers in Gurgaon, We are involved in offering a wide range of different False Ceiling Service also the all above mentioned ceiling Design.

All the ceiling designs are precisely designed and developed from top quality components. 

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