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April 9, 2018

The benefits of interior brick slips

Brick slips are thin slices of brick to give the appearance of a brick wall. Brick slips are commonly used in the exterior of building; however there is an array of benefits to using brick slips in the interior of a domestic property or business. Brick slips can be used in any room in a domestic property, adding character to the bathroom, kitchen or living room. The attractiveness of using brick slips correctly is not the only benefit, they are always very effective at saving energy and are much easier to change at a later date than traditional bricks.

Energy Saving  

Brick slips can actually save you money in the long term. The cladding used behind the brick slips acts as very effective insulation. This insulation allows heat to stay in your property for longer which can save you a lot of money at the end of each month. Brick slips are not just good for the environment due to their energy saving properties. Most of the material and cladding used when making and applying the brick slip is 100% recyclable. It is estimated it takes 40% less energy to product brick slips than traditional bricks meaning they leave less pollution during the production stage.

Personalise your own look

One of the main benefits of brick slips in the interior of your house is the chance to personalise your own look. Brick slips can be used in every room of the house. Different styles can even be used throughout the house and the theme can still remain intact. If you want a modern look you can use brick slips in your kitchen to replicate the same setting you might see in a 5-star restaurant. If you want a more traditional vibe in your property you can use brick slips around a fireplace or around some interior plants to create a homely feel. Using a supplier such as EuroBrick will allow you to have many options to create your own unique look, as they offer a selection of ranges both in the modern and traditional categories.

Chance to change at a later date

People change their mind, this may be an issue if you used traditional bricks to create your interior. One of the key benefits with brick slips is the chance to change your mind at a later date. Rather than having to knock down an entire wall to change how your interior looks, it is possible to replace the brick slips with a different style if you want to change the inside look to your house. Brick slips allow you to change your interior as the times change. Brick slips are also easy to maintain so giving them a clean every year or so won’t be a huge task, this is why many people decide to keep the brick slips in their interior. The chance to change is simply just another benefit, it can even add value to your property if you consider selling it. New owners won’t have to worry about taking on a huge DIY project in order to implement their own taste, they can simply change the style of brick slip.

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