Caring For A Garden Gate

A wooden gate is an excellent aesthetic and functional touch for any garden. In order to get the best from them, however, we should treat them some occasional maintenance, in much the same way that we treat the surrounding fences. Gates tend to be a little more sensitive to wear-and-tear, however, and so they’re deserving of more regular care and attention.

Let’s take a look at some common questions surrounding gate maintenance, and see if we can posit some potential solutions. Caring for a gate isn’t particularly difficult – provided that you’re observant enough to notice problems in the first place!

What paint should I use?

When you’re covering a gate in paint, you’ll need to be sure that you’re not sealing any excess moisture inside. For this reason, it’s best to paint at midday on a sunny day, after washing and scrubbing the gate in the morning. That way, it will have had a chance to fully dry. You can purchase paints and stains which allow the underlying timber to breathe, protect the wood against UV light and allow moisture to pass from one side to the other.

Oils will soak into the fibres of the wood rather than simply covering them. They’ll therefore offer more thorough protection and condition the gate better than other forms of stain; but they’ll also need to be re-applied every few months in order to retain their good looks.

How should I treat hinges?

Just as wood is vulnerable to damage from moisture and temperature, so too are the metal hinges that secure the gate to the surrounding frame. In either case, the solution is identical – treat the hinge to a protective coat. WD40 will clean and protect, as well as oiling the hinge itself – thereby eliminating squeaks before they occur. You don’t need to apply much to get good results, so be sure to take care of this particular task preventatively – as it’s easier to stop a problem like this from occurring than it is to deal with it after it has done.

How do I deal with rot?

It’s impossible to un-rot a piece of timber. That said, it is possible to disguise small areas of rot before they have a chance to affect the look of the entire door. If you notice small areas of rot covering the surface of the gate, then cut them out and fill the gap with wood-filler. This is a sort of resin which sets hard, and is designed to look like wood once it has. Sand the resulting plug down so that the gate is smooth, and then give it a protective finish.

This is an appropriate solution where small amounts of superficial damage have occurred. If the gateposts themselves are rotted, however, then this might cause a structural problem – one that can only really be fixed by replacing the posts.

How do I deal with rust?

Rust is another sort of damage which, once it’s occurred, is impossible to reverse. The earlier you notice spots of rust and intervene to correct them, the easier it will be to do so – and that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on hinges.

Where there’s a small patch of rust, you might be able to just rub it away using either sandpaper or a wire scrubbing brush. You can get specialist sandpapers designed to deal with metal – they’re made using tiny fragments of a rock named emery, and they’re super-hard. Once the rust has been removed, you’ll be able to re-paint the metal. Do this with a primer, a base coat and a gloss coat for the most thorough possible protection.

How do I deal with sagging?

A sagging gate is a common problem. If your gate is exhibiting this problem, then you’ll need to check that the hinges are intact and functioning. Over time, a metal fixing can works its way loose from a wooden frame thanks to simple gravity. When this occurs, you’ll need to check the fitting to see if any screws have come loose or fallen out entirely. This being the case, you’ll need to replace them with screws that fit more tightly. Use larger screws, or move the existing hinges to an area of wood that isn’t worn.

In some instances, the hinges of your gate might have become damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, it might be necessary to replace the gate entirely. In this instance, get in touch with a reputable timber merchant. Richard Williams is one such retailer of sheds, fences, flooring and gates in North Wales.

Add Life to a Boring New House in a Few Easy Steps

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life but what if the new place is just a bit, well, boring? The truth is that many people put up with a dull and lifeless house for far too long.

However, adding some life to a boring property is something that can be done in a number of fairly simple steps. If you want to get a house that you enjoy living in and are keen to show off then the following ideas will go a long way to helping you achieve this.

Pick an Interesting Theme

Perhaps the biggest problem that a lot of new homeowners have to face up to is that they simply don’t know where to get started on adding some interesting touches to their house. It can certainly be a daunting task to look at a big house and wonder how on Earth to bring it to life.

One of the best approaches in this situation is to find an interesting theme that you can use in one room or in the whole house. Will you go for the rustic look, for a contemporary design or maybe for an oriental style?

There are lots of fascinating styles to choose from and this could turn out to be exactly what you need to get going with the rest of the design. It can then be a lot of fun to look for decoration and ornaments that fit in with your chosen style and add to the overall effect, especially if you have chosen a style that it is difficult to find pieces for.

Add Photos or Art

A good solution that is quicker and easier than the last one is to look for photos or pieces of art to hang up on the walls. If you are currently faced with blank, boring walls then sprucing them up with a few interesting pieces can make a huge difference to them instantly.

You might decide to put up a montage of your favourite family pictures or make your own pieces of art using recycled materials. Alternatively, you could decide to splash out on some top quality art from a gallery instead.

Adding life and colour to the walls will make a huge overall impact on the rest of the house as well. These could turn out to be a fascinating talking point for everyone who visits you at home from now on.

Choose Vibrant Colours That Bring it to Life

It can be intimidating to look at a new house and wonder what colours to use on it. You might think that painting the walls is something that could completely ruin the property if you do it wrong.

Yet, this is exactly the kind of thing that you should be doing if you want to add something special to your new home. It is also easy enough to paint over with a different colour if you don’t like the finished effect very much.

The best move in this respect is to buy some small, trial sized pots of paint in a range of different colours. This will give you the chance to sample varying colours and try to find the perfect vibrant tone that makes the walls a lot more interesting.

Lay Interesting New Flooring

It is easy to overlook the crucial part that exciting new flooring could play in bringing a dull house to life. A quality website such as the one from Find Me A Floor will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Doing this can then inspire you to design the rest of the house, as it will set the tone in terms of style and colours. This means that a smart decision in this element will set you on the right path to a better house right away.

On the other hand, if you settle for a dull and uninspiring floor then it is going to be a lot harder for you to find the inspiration to bring the rest of the house to life. This is why it is worth putting a lot more thought into this matter than you might have originally intended to, with the likes of a Karndean flooring supplier a good place to get started.

Don’t assume that there is no way to add a spark to a boring house that lacks and character. By getting started on any of the above ideas you can very quickly get an interesting style that you love.