10 tips on how to get along with roommates in an apartment

When renting a room or an apartment, you may face a lot of questions. Real estate agents can willingly help you cope with them. If you have no opportunity to rent the apartment alone and you need to share it with somebody else, you should read the following tips to learn about some peculiarities of how to get along with roommates. There are different types of roommates and you should keep in mind some rules of cohabitation.


There are lots of useful tips on how to live in peace and harmony with your roommates.

Tip 1. Living in one and the same apartment all should be equal. Be modest. It is not necessary to be too proud of your achievements in the career and boast about it.

Tip 2. Avoid gossiping. Keep in mind the rule: “Do not talk about the roommates if you do not want to be talked about.”

Tip 3. Be sociable. Discuss different issues related to your cohabitation. Try to do it politely avoiding conflicts.

Tip 4. Be tolerant. Keep calm. Sometimes it happens that people of different nationalities have to share the room.

Tip 5. Do not make much noise. Be quiet. Try not to listen to loud music. Avoid watching TV late at night.

Tip 6. Do not refuse your roommate if he asks you to help him. Finally, you will probably need his help later.

Tip 7. Communicate. Discuss all contentious issues. Agree. Most of the conflicts tend to arise when one person does something that the other totally dislikes. Try to find a mutual way out of a conflicted situation. If you do not like anything in your roommate’s behavior, discuss it, it is not necessary to hold a grudge in yourself. However, do not make a mountain out of a molehill. All fundamental questions should be discussed calmly and tolerantly. Avoid quarrels and serious conflicts.

Tip 8. Be neat and tidy. Do washing up and cleaning in time. Do not forget to wash dishes after lunch or dinner even if you are too tired.

Tip 9. Be polite with your roommate. No matter how old you are, try always be first to say hello to your neighbor. Simple trifles and politeness will give you an opportunity to have a feedback if you need something from your roommates. Do not forget that such moments occur more often than you think, even if you consider yourself an independent person.

Tip 10. Do not take your roommate’s things without asking the permission. Even if you are good friends and have trusting relationships, it does not give you the right to use his dishes in the kitchen without permission, you should not enter his room without knocking and allow yourself to do other similar things. Decide on what things you can borrow from each other. If you are totally against to lend your roommate your things, explain it to him politely. Searching for a roommate, visit different sites such as Kijiji.ca to find apartments and try to live happily and peacefully with your roommates.

Advantages of TV units design

Starting from movies to serials, music to patriotic songs, from cartoon to news we all depend on TV for all our entertainment needs and up to date news. We are so dependent on TV that it is impossible to think our life without this useful entertainment unit. Usually TVs are either placed in the living room or in the bedroom. But some people prefer them in their living room, whereas the other wants them to be in their bedroom so that they can enjoy their favorite programs without disturbing anyone. People like to watch TV late night as it acts like a sleeping pill for them.


Whatever is the reason, but TV still holds the crown of everybody’s favorite. This very important entertainment unit should be handled with care and look after carefully. To take good care of this theater we need to buy TV unit designs which are sold at MyGubbi in ample designs and variety. No wonder you will find ample designs, colors, size and variety of entertainment units that you will be amazed to have a look.

All these units are designed by trained professionals. They understand your need of decorating your house with modern equipment and stylish accessories. Undoubtedly it will deck up your living room as well as bedroom wherever you wish to put your TV. It will update your house to modern standards. A well placed TV unit design will definitely provide you with extra space in your living room.

The array of TV cabinet’s designs which are sold at MyGubbi has more to name than just a unit designs. The latest designs will steal your heart and you cannot afford to miss these TV units’ designs which have become a necessity these days. The TV cabinet designs will take care of all the essential things like DVDs, CDs, and remotes by providing them with a separate drawer in which you can easily place them and use them at the time of need. You don’t have to waste time in looking after these necessary accessories.

TV cabinet designs will add on style to your living or bedroom. Designs are specially designed by keeping requirements of the customers and the ample variety available is good enough to go along all kinds of furniture. These cabinets blend easily with the type of background it is placed on. The store is loaded with array of TV unit designs from where an aspiring buyer can easily choose the most suitable one according to his requirements.

Apart from beautifying your living and bedrooms it will take care of your precious TV sets as well. A well placed TV unit not only looks good, but also protects TV as well. No more unnecessary shifting and changing place of these TVs thus avoiding unnecessary wear out and damage which may result in changing the place of these entertainment units. All remotes lays handy to the TV thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite programme exactly at the right time.

A Dependable Air Conditioning Repair Service That I Could Count On

Funny Noises May Not Be That Funny After All!

It all started with the funny noise in my Air Conditioning unit, which reverberated through the air vents. I kept ignoring it for two reasons; want of time and the fear of getting a huge air conditioning repair bill, for which I was not prepared. In retrospect, it was a mistake from my end, which I hope I will not commit again. I was forced to look for a technician to repair my air conditioning unit as it totally stopped functioning one fine day.


What Are They?

The summer was just round the corner and things could get really tough as we gradually move into the summer. Therefore, I wanted someone to attend to the problem immediately. I contacted quite a few companies but I was not really sure as to which service provider really offered the best services, because all of them claimed to be the best. Finally, I narrowed down my selection to this company, which I was kind of comfortable dealing with. After dealing with them closely and getting my ac repaired promptly, I now can gladly say that choosing Mercury Control was definitely one of the wise choices I made in the recent past.

Usage & Reliability

It was very easy to get in touch with this company and log my service call. The air conditioning repair technician who was sent to attend to our HVAC issues was very polite and a thorough professional. He took time diagnosing the problem and gave me a quote which was reasonable considering the condition of my unit. He patiently answered all my questions and clarified all my doubts making me feel confident about his expertise and what I could actually expect from them.

Added Benefits

I checked with the company if they are a licensed service provider, because if they are not, I will have to face problems with my insurance company should anything goes wrong. However, this company was a fully licensed operator. They responded to my service call quickly. I did not have to wait for too long before my issue was addressed. What I liked the best the company is that all their technicians are hardcore professionals and are capable of resolving most complicated issues with minimal fuss.

Online Purchase Portal

I must make a mention here about the company’s website. I was actually able to find them through online research. The website provided all the basic information that I required to make my preliminary decision to select them and also provided the contact information. It was easy for me to contact the company and to hire their services (only after getting a rough estimate, of course). Their online response time for a given query was real quick and their explanation, bang on target.


Relieved that my air conditioning system is back to normal and that I was able to get it repaired at a reasonable price, I had a sound sleep that day. Things could have been worse, but I am glad that I have managed to find the right company to take care of the issue. I have vowed to myself that I will not postpone contacting the technicians when I notice something wrong with my HVAC in future.


A truly stylish space always has at least a bit of the unusual about it—the oversized table, the oddly shaped ottoman, the chair that always prompts the question “Where did you get that?” If you’ve struggled to find that item for your home, it could be time to consider customised or bespoke furniture. The investment will be long lasting.

images (1)

Better than Vintage?

It’s the nature of the beast: A vision for the look and feel of your rooms can help direct your buying, but it can also lead to frustration when months go by and you simply cannot find the piece you want. This is especially true if you are shopping for antiques to create, say, a shabby chic look. Quality vintage items also command considerable prices, so perhaps you’ve found the perfect thing, only to discover that the price is far out of reach. In this instance, you would do well to enquire about having a item designed to your specifications.

Plan for Your Future

If you’re just getting started, it can be helpful to have a look at photographs, but don’t get hung up on others’ ideas. When it comes to decorating, ’tis better to know thyself. Most of us don’t have the time to stay on top of weekly cleaning, much less enact a home makeover every few years. Consider carefully what you can live with in the long term and work with a company that listens to your ideas and needs.

Consider a Half-Measure

Some design companies will modify their designs for your needs or even provide a custom finish or paint on an item, allowing you to buy “off the rack” but still get something that feels unique to you and your home.

Keep the Room Flexible

An addendum to the above advice to plan for your future is to proceed with a bit of caution where colour and texture are concerned. A custom piece will draw attention to itself, so keep things harmonious around it. If you love a bold colour, go for one wall, rather than the whole room, or keep the walls neutral and use pillows or other textile-based accents to add some interest. Design your furniture first and select a colour afterward; that way, when your long-awaited item arrives in its appointed place, the room looks just the way you’d hoped.

Unique Furniture Ideas to Give Your Home Some Talking Points

If you are looking for something a little bit more interesting to spice up your home, there are plenty of avenues from which you can choose. Obviously, you can create an entire statement room, with a theme that everything within plays up to, or even choose some wild and wacky wallpaper or carpet designs.

But those are expensive choices, and they can easily go a bit… wrong. Instead of taking that costly (and potentially embarrassing) risk, why not simply go for a statement piece of furniture instead? Below are some of the more interesting ideas we’ve found on our searches – just choose one and you’ll have an instant talking point!

images (1)

Staircase Storage

Staircase storage solutions come from all manner of companies, but we particularly like the striking designs of Danny Kuo’s pieces. They are perfect for the smaller home, as they give you acres of room for storage without taking up much of that valuable floor space.

They are vertical sets of drawers that stretch to the ceiling. How do you reach the higher drawers? Simple – you use the lower ones as a mini staircase! They look fantastic and are wonderfully practical; what more could you want?

Convertible Furniture

There are lots of different convertible pieces available – just think of sofa beds, for example. They can come in fantastically handy when you’re limited on space, especially when they are as ambitious as this design by Julia Kononenko. Sadly, it’s just a mock-up at the minute… but isn’t it wonderful?

It starts off as a chic little sofa that would look right at home in any modern apartment, but simply by playing around with it a bit you can transform it into a dining table that can seat six people, with either small stools or floor cushions to sit on. Fantastic, and oh so stylish.

Cube Furniture

We have found this wonderful range of furniture, covering everything from dining tables to TV stands. All of it is made from sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood), which gives it a unique look and grain.

We particularly like the nesting tables for their sheer practicality, but the star of the show would have to be the S-shaped side table – it is delightfully unusual and would easily be the focal point of any living room. It’s hip to be square!

Canvas Seating

Although “canvas seating” might not sound particularly exciting – it conjures up images of tatty deckchairs – this set from YOY is something entirely different and completely ingenious. The furniture itself looks like nothing more than a canvas painting that you have curiously decided to lean against the wall rather than hang up, but when you get up close and personal you can see it for what it really is.

Made of wood, aluminium and elastic canvas, the “paintings” are actually useable chairs and sofas! Simply back up to the “painting” and take a seat – the seats stretch back behind the canvas, providing a comfortable (and effortlessly stylish) sit down.

Where Can You Buy Duvet Covers?

Everyone wants a vast variety of options in designs and colors whenever someone buys bedding . Duvet covers are the most important bedding item. It comes as duvet cover sets. Duvet cover should be the one which gives you a good feel and match with your personality. Sanderson duvet covers have a vast variety of designs both cotemporary and classic. You will surely find complementary duvet cover designs collection. You can buy chic and elegant designs with Sanderson duvet covers. Duvet cover sets designs are made in modern inspirations and many are traditional designs which are preferred by people. Sanderson has a large collection of many duvet cover designs to suit an array of people tastes. Duvet covers are easily available in the market and you can visit this website for Sanderson duvet covers. Choosing duvet cover is made easy with Sanderson duvet covers, as offers vast range of bedding styles and designs to suit any décor choice.

duvet covers (1)

Everyone can surely find design of his/her choice at Sanderson duvet covers.

Sanderson offers unique designs with best fabric quality. It has unmatchable elegance and look. For unique designs you can find duvet covers at Sanderson. No one can take the lead in designs from Sanderson exclusive collection. No one can beat Sanderson due to their best collection of designs. Funky deigns and colors are also available for kids bedding duvet covers. For grown-ups also bright and bold designs are available which will add a spark in your bedroom. So Sanderson duvet covers are best for both kids and big.

Sanderson duvet covers have an array of designs and colors to match the diversity of choices.

Sanderson bedding and duvets (1)

Add a splash of fun and artwork to your bedroom with outstanding and stunning collection of Sanderson. You can find this stunning and artistic collection only at Sanderson. To bring tranquility in your bedroom you can choose dull colors in the collection of Sanderson. You can choose from hues of yellow, orange and red to complete the look of your room having rich colors. Colors used in sandersons duvet covers are suitable for any thematic décor of bedroom. It offers a range of colors from light and dull to bright and vibrant colors. All shades are available at Sanderson’s duvet cover collection. Introduce a breath-taking glory and elegance to your bedroom with a beautiful range of Sanderson. You can find all this at Sanderson’s collection of duvet covers.

sanderson Duvet covers (1)


Beautiful shades of pink will bloom in your bedroom when you will add Sanderson’s duvet cover to you bedding. We have beautiful feminine and stylish range of designs for girls of any age group. You will feel pampered while entering to your bedroom.

The best remodeling service provider in Chicago

While constructing a new home, most of the people give pretty much attention to the quality of materials and start to construct as per the site engineer’s plan. After few years, the home owners may feel that the spaces should be big for certain rooms. So, they can find both options to increase the space or change the design of the room using the rebuilding service or remodeling service. The rebuilding service is about demolishing certain walls and increasing the space which requires too cost and takes more time to complete. However the remodeling service is a better alternate and the users can change the rooms as they wish. There are many companies are providing this service in Chicago but the Maya Construction Group is best among them.

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Services offered by Maya:

The Maya Construction Group has been premier remodeling company in Chicago and suburbs since 1998. This company has more than 15 years of experience in the remodeling service and has completed 400+ projects. The highest quality of renovation service will be provided to the clients to satisfy their expectation. It is a licensed company with skilled professionals to provide the efficient service to the clients. To know more details about this company, the users can visit its official platform mayaconstructioninc.com. The list of offered services by Maya construction group is,

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Windows, Roofing services
  • Home Additions & Commercial services
  • Siding & Gutters
  • Porches and Decks

The users can request a free estimate quote for any services from its online platform by filling the e-application.

Renovate your home with experts:

The best thing about this company is it will not send any middle man, salesman or an engineer with no construction experience. Instead the company owners directly work with their clients and renovate their home within the estimated duration. The company enhances the beauty of the house by providing the relevant renovating service. The project duration may differ by the service chosen by the customers however the company tries to complete it as soon as possible.

The competitors are charging more than their quality of service but Maya group will focus on the client’s satisfaction. The service charges are affordable and while estimating the project, the engineers will minimize the unnecessary expenses. The services are given for both residential and commercial buildings. The users who are thinking to improve the look of their house for selling can contact the Maya group for receiving the best renovating service. The detailed project report will be given to the clients after completing the renovation service. Meanwhile the users can check the short report, which explains the completion of each service. It sends only the expert level of resources to the customer’s spot for providing the best service in reasonable price. The users can check the increased value of their house after completing the renovation service with Maya group. So, it is the best company for the renovation or remodeling service in Chicago.

Why Should I Consider Hall Runners?

Within a home, the hallway represents a fascinating space that too often is underutilized and unappreciated.  Depending on the style and size of your home, the hallway may be a central feature. If you are interested in improving the quality of this space, then one of the simplest things you can do is to purchase a hall runner. What are hall runners and why should you invest in one?  Let’s take a moment to find out.

download (9)

The Perfect Addition To Your Home

Hall runners are lengths of carpet that are cut to run along the length of a hallway.  Simply and straightforward, the hall runner covers up wood or cold stone, allowing a soft, decorative element to provide comfort and luxury.  A great investment, hall runners can last for years and change the entire dynamic of your hall.  They provide functionality and are aesthetically pleasing, making them a welcomed site in homes across the country.  The primary question you should be asking is, “what hall runners are right for me?”

Hall runners range in cost based on the style.  Some of the most popular styles include Chinese, Persian, Afgan, Indian, and more.  They come in an incredible range of designs from simple to ornate to help match any space they are placed in.  They also come in a range of colors that allow you amazing selection when finding the right hall runners for your home.  Whether you are looking for something small or very long, a company specializing in hall runners can help you find the right carpet for the perfect fit.  As a final note, many include a made to measure service.

Taking Steps To Preserve Your Hall Runner

Just like any other part of the home, hall runners are susceptible to occasional ware and tare.  With that in mind, good quality hall rugs are specifically designed to be resistant, lasting for years without any signs of damage.  Still, there are some preventative measures you can take to ensure the health and longevity of your hall rug.  First, it is strongly suggested that once you purchase a hall rug, you all purchase an underlay for the rug. This will help keep the rug from sliding and will protect both the underside of the hall runner and the surface it is resting on as well.  Second, you should consider carpet and rug cleaning to keep your hall rug in pristine shape.