Top Trends Autumn: Out of the woods

As the summer draws to an end we welcome in the pretty autumn days that bring with them a change of more than weather and colours – the turning of a season can even have an effect on people’s moods. It is common to make changes to your family home during the autumn to create a cosier sense of style before the colder winter days set in.


Let’s look at some of the most fashionable design ideas for each room that are perfect for the autumn time that follow the theme of “Out of the Woods”:

Living Room

In order to give your living room a more autumnal look, you can buy some cushion covers to add to your sofa and invest in new curtains. The colour scheme should be autumn-like using rich oranges, yellows, reds and browns as well as neutral hues that represent the “Out of the Woods” décor theme. You can even buy some new photo frames or a rug for under your coffee table.Using natural wooden items is a great way to add to the overall autumnal ambience, too.


If you head to the kitchen next, you will find that one of the best things that you can do to give this room an autumn feel is to add a few glass bowls onto the counter tops and fill them with a mix of big, colourful autumnal leaves andpine cones. This gives your kitchen a natural look and means you don’t have to invest in expensive new equipment to mark the change of the season. You can also add some decorative wall art to liven things up – here, Photowall showcases some fantastic fall-themed pieces, which feature a range of sceneries such as trees, forests, woodlands and flowers in the autumn. These are a wonderful way to change the appearance of any room in your home to give it a more autumn ambience.



If you want to continue the theme throughout your home then don’t forget to make some changes to your bedroom as well. You can add a vase of autumn-time flowers onto your window sill and change the bed covers from your summer sheets to a thicker duvet that features natural patterns and autumn-like colours.


One of the easiest changes that you can make to the exterior of your home to give it a more autumnal feel is to plant some trees that will start to shed their leaves come September, as nothing represents autumn more than the deep reds, bright oranges and pretty yellows that will transform any garden into an autumn paradise. You can also paint your garden bench and the shed to a warmer hue to match their surroundings.

Why not try out some of the above ideas with your kids to get the whole family involved in changing your home to welcome in the new season, and see what other ideas you can come up with?

How To Buy Antique Furniture At Auction

The auction room is without a doubt one of the most exciting and thrilling places to be. For the first timer, this can be a really daunting place. If you are first time buyer at an auction, then this guide should help you ease into the auction environment when looking to buy antique furniture. Many antique pieces of furniture may need restoration – companies like Abbey Group can help with that.


What should you do?

The most important thing to do before making any bids at an auction is doing some research in advance. If possible, make plans to view the available auction options before the auction day. While this will cost you both money and time, it may keep you from making costly mistakes on the day.

When inspecting the items on auction, do not be in a hurry. Take note of any items that you consider worth buying and write them down. As there probably will be lots of stuff on auction in different lots, it is advisable that you plan a route to take around them instead of wandering about aimlessly. This will keep you from wasting precious time and may present you with an opportunity of finding great bargains.

Do I have antiques?

It would also be advisable that you buy a catalogue. Go through it and mark any items that interest you. In this instance, a coding system would work well – mark any items that you have serious interest in. As for items that ‘could be’ of interest, mark them with a question mark and cross off all items that are of no interest to you. You should consider writing down the highest price you are willing to pay – this may help you to refrain from making overly-enthusiastic bids when the auction commences.

At auctions, all things are sold as they are. As such it is important that you carefully examine any pieces you consider buying. Carry with you a magnifying glass so that you can closely examine items for cracks, scratches and tears. In the event you are buying a box full of items, carefully go through the contents to make sure that there aren’t any broken pieces inconspicuously hidden at the bottom.

When looking around, take time to look under the tables as there may be stowed pieces. Also, it is important that you be very inquisitive – you may end up missing on a great bargain if you are not aware of what is on offer.

When it comes to inspecting antique furniture at any auction, there are a few rules that you need to consider following up on:

Inspect the furniture’s back and underside for damages, obvious repairs or wood worms.
Check if the drawers have dovetail joints.
Look for a maker’s nameplate – this is often placed on the underside of the piece of antique or furniture.
As for glass and china, check for cracks and chips. If you tap a chamberpot or vase and it produces a ‘clunky’ sound, it is possible that it has a hairline crack.

Often, there are items that will be missing at the sale preview. Mostly this is because they are very small and could easily be stolen. As such, when going to a sale preview, consider asking the auctioneer or his assistant if you could view such. If you come across an item with a reserve price on it – meaning that the item has been tagged at a certain price that if not reached, the seller will withdraw the item – consider getting more information about it to know if it something worth bidding on.

It’s the big day..

On the auction day, have in mind that auctions can be quite exhilarating, and if not careful, the adrenalin may take you over. Try your best to remain calm when bidding and look around to know your potential competitors. Often, auctioneers employ a practice called ‘bidding-off-the-chandelier’ or ‘bidding-off-the-wall’. This is where they pretend to accept bids just to drive the bidding price up. Beware of this trick. Have a specific price in your head and stick to it. Do not let this leading trick fool you into making bids higher than your budget.

Finally, do not be too uptight, enjoy the experience and learn from it. Few visits to different auctions will help you build up your bidding confidence and will leave you more knowledgeable about what to bid on, how to bid for it and at what price.